Enter the World of Argolicus
After Rome, before the Middle Ages, Italy belonged to the Ostrogoths.

The Argolicus Mystery series bring Sixth Century Italy alive. The king’s court is far away and the province of Bruttia is rife with personal struggles of both rich and poor. Argolicus and Nikolaos, his tutor, discover that people are devious, revengeful, and murderous. Enter the world of Argolicus.


The Used Virgin

A corrupt Governor. A young girl. An old man.
A ruined reputation is worse than murder in Italy. Argolicus and his tutor, Nikolaos, discover evil, greed, and extreme extortion.Amazon and wherever ebooks are sold.



The Peach Widow

A grieving widow. Jealous sons. An injured slave.
Argolicus and Nikolaos visit a grieving widow and discover jealousy, venal commerce, ignorance and a murderer.Amazon and wherever ebooks are sold.


The Peach Widow (Argolicus Mystery, #2)

The Roman Heir

A naïve teenager. A sister with secrets. A corrupt patrician.
Argolicus and Nikolaos deliver a gift but arrive hours after a brutal murder. They look for an answer until they find that a man’s secrets do not go with him to the grave.
Amazon and wherever ebooks are sold.



Five Star Reviews!
David Amerland reviewed The Used Virgin: Argolicus Mystery (Argolicus Mysteries Book 1)
4 of 4 people found the following helpful
Leaves you wanting more!
There are several things that go into the making of a good period thriller: the invocation of its surroundings, the realization of the setting, characterization that creates distinct voices in one’s mind and, of course, a plot line that makes sense and creates the necessary sense of wonder that keeps the reader, reading.I know Zara as someone who is intelligent, factual, precise, detail-orientated and she has put those qualities to great use in writing this book. The era is so fully realized that you feel like you stepped into the set of “Gladiator”, Roman villas simmer in the sunlight, vineyards stretch before the eye and stables punctuate the architectural landscape and, in the meantime, the complex relationships between all the characters unfold, creating a rich tapestry of interactions that serve to draw the reader deeper in.This is a truly enjoyable story that alas ends all too soon! Perhaps Zara could be persuaded to write a larger, deeper book :)​Wonderful installment in a period-piece mystery series.,
This review is from: The Used Virgin: Argolicus Mystery (Argolicus Mysteries Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
If you’re into mysteries in a historical setting, this book and series is for you! Very descriptive and entertaining, it gives you the feel of a time long passed as a mystery unfolds. Ms. Altair does an excellent job of putting us into southern Italy at the time of the Ostrogoth rule. This series would make an excellent show! I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series – definitely intriguing and fascinating.

Delicious Time Travel Makes Me Want More
This review is from: The Peach Widow: Argolicus Mystery (Argolicus Mysteries Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
By Gina Fiedel
Format: Kindle Edition
This is only the second Argolicus Mysteries Book I’ve read by Zara Altair and already I am envisioning (wishing for) a long, satisfying series because they just leave me wanting more.

The southern Italian setting at the time of the Ostrogoth rule is no mere backdrop for this gem of a mystery tale. We become immersed. Reading, I was carried back in time to taste, smell, feel the environment, its light and weather and how its inhabitants are characters of the time. Their thinking and actions are of the period yet there is a common human thread I can relate to inspiring me to want to know and understand them, care what happens to them, to be curious about the outcome. The mystery works and is plausible so it’s a triple (maybe more) bonus we get – time travel, history lesson and intrigue.

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