codex argentius cover

Prequels and eBooks

I’ve started a series of prequels to Ravenna: A Mosaic. These are short stories of Argolicus in the time between when he is Praefectus Urbis in Rome and when he arrives in Ravenna at the beginning of the novel.

The first story, The Used Virgin is based on the Variae of Cassiodorus, iii. 46 in which Venantius the governor of Bruttia is rebuked for a very severe punishment. Scholars have puzzled over the letter. Who better to solve the mystery, than Argolicus, I thought. The story began.

My sister, a graphic artist, is helping me with an image of Argolicus which I plan to use for the short story series as well as the novel. We are starting with this image from Felix Ravenna: La croce, la spada, la vela:l’alto Adriatico fra V e VI secolo a cura di Andrea Augenti, Carlo Bertelli (2007) Skira editore,  Milano,p. 139.

We’re changing the sword to a book, the Codex Argentius, which is a key component of the novel. The image is of the silver book cover, probably not the original, but that’s what we will use. We’re changing his face, eyes (to blue), and hair, but I wanted to give her a 6th Century image for a beginning.

Once we have the graphics, done, I’ll release the first short story on Amazon.

The second short story, The Peach Widow, is now the current work in progress.

fante dell'esercito bizantino VI century Byzant

(disegno di Giorgio Albertini)

Zara Altair

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